Dual sided Labradorite Owl carving by Kateri Sanchez

$ 248.00


An amazing large solid piece of teal, blue and gold Labradorite has been hand carved by Zuni artist Kateri Sanchez into a glowing wise double sided Owl. Ribboned with beautiful rolling flashes of teal and azure light this Owl has incredibly beautiful depth and fire. Each tiny feather has been patiently worked and carved, and the edges even have tiny serrations that echo real feathers. With Mother of pearl and inlaid jet eyes this Owl fetish is a strong yet gentle guardian that would grace any space whether altar, home or workplace with light and spirit. This fetish is larger in size than most of Kateri's fetishes. 


Zuni fetish carvings traditionally served ceremonial purposes, each one was revered and thought to hold beneficial blessings to aid their owners. Highly collected each carving is a small sculpture of stunning indigenous art.  


Size is 53mm in height by 46mm at the widest point, and the owls are 21mm thick.


This Owl will arrive beautifully giftwrapped with a leaf of white sage and a pinch of corn meal for its journey to you.


*** Colors of crystals and beads may vary depending on your computer or device screen settings. All of my jewelry is photographed in natural daylight. ***


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