Four Directions + Natural Obsidian + Sterling Silver + Thorn amulet necklace

$ 168.00


:: Four Directions ::


A dramatic and striking Obsidian crystal has been cut into a geometric diamond shape. With rich layers of minerals, this crystal is unique having a natural mineral seam within its depths. Stones like these are said to carry memories of past lives and wisdom to share with you. Hand set in a bezel of sterling silver textured on my anvil of Pacific Ocean rock for strength, and oxidized and finished with a tiny star that adorns the hidden side of this jewel as an illuminating guide on the journey of life that beams with the light of spirit. 


Four sided crystals are said to bring in harmony of the four directions to you in indigenous spiritual teaching. Adding the elemental strength of air, earth, fire and water, while also aiding you in balance on your spiritual path. Each tiny prong on this amulet has been sawed out by hand into various small protective thorns, and show fine textural details as they gently cradle the Obsidian stone in a open design that allows it to "breathe".


Rustic in beauty this Obsidian was formed, cooled and was hand gathered ethically from a white mountain of ash in Northern California. Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass that is strongly protective, shielding one against negativity. Being both powerful and mystic it has been used by indigienous people as arrowheads and spears in the past. Said to bring insight and mental clarity Obsidian absorbs negative energies in ones environment and provides support during transformation and change. 


Length of this crystal is an eyelash under 33mm in length, width is 25mm at its widest point. Suspended on an oxidized gunmetal chain that is 18 inches in length and finished with a lobster claw clasp. The sterling silver has been oxidized, and hand brushed for its rich gleaming patina that will brighten over time as it is worn and handled, infusing this piece with your own signature resonance.


This necklace will come beautifully gift wrapped ready to be gifted either as a treat for yourself or another. Please visit my Customer Reviews page for more information.

Care Instructions: I recommend that this necklace be gently wiped down with a soft damp cloth to clean, and blotted to dry. When not being worn I also recommend that you store your necklace in its original box that it was sent in, or a a soft black cloth bag to keep out interference from unwanted energies. This necklace should be charged once a month in full moonlight to re-energize and absorb the light and illumination from the moon.

As the crystal in this pendant is natural there will be slight variations in colors and surface textures. Also any lines or marks in the stone are not cracks but are natural inclusions, and are a part of the unique patterning within the stone. This showcases the crystal's inherent beauty as minerals come from the Earth, and are not man made. For more information please visit my policies page.

*** Colors of crystals and beads may vary depending on your computer or device screen settings. All of my jewelry is photographed in natural daylight. ***


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