Creation and Process


The Pacific Ocean is close to my home and studio where I dream and create. Its tidal motions and flow cleanse and infuse my jewels with sea energy.

The view outside my studio window. The old growth redwood trees are wise benevolent grandmothers. The thick fog that rolls in from the ocean creates a quiet and peaceful atmostphere.

Wildthorne Jewels is the result of many years honing creative skills to develop a metaphysical depth in my work. As someone who lives very consciously, I have devoted my artistic purpose to the same path, creating jewelry which is mindful, connected, intuitive and purposeful. I live and work in the redwood dotted hills outside Santa Cruz, California where the forest meets the ocean. My Grey Havens studio was built in the late 1800s and originally served as the office on an apple farm, with 1 acre of the old orchard still remaining. 

Most mornings I wake up to the still blanket of fog drifting through the old apple trees as well as the surrounding old forests of redwood, oak and ancient Jeffrey Pine, where barn owls nest. As I work in my quiet space I hear the red tailed hawks calling, and through the window glimpse woodpeckers, crow, deer, hummingbirds, rabbits and more. A short distance away is the sometimes serene but oftentimes raging sea where I walk regularly, washing my mind with the salt air, and revitalizing my spirit in the calling water.

All my jewels are carefully crafted by hand using traditional fabrication, metalsmith and casting techniques. I am inspired by old folk jewelry, and the natural beauty that surrounds me. My lyrical strands are the result of hours of meditation and some pieces can contain over 400 beads. Finished pieces are often cleansed and charged with salt water, moonlight and sage, washing them clean and ready to be worn.

I feel that my clients who choose Wildthorne work connect towards jewelry that speaks to them on a spiritual level. Individuals who want something put together with equal parts respect for the source, meaning in the material, and harmony in the design. My clients are looking for quality and careful craftsmanship, something they can wear and feel attuned to- energetic talismans that mirror the universal source to be revered. As my designs are one of a kind or made in limited runs this means that each piece is unique.  Created by my hands and never outsourced, this transference of energy from artist directly to my clients is a singular element that enhances every jewel, a mystery connecting them to deeper ways. 

Wildthorne jewelry is more than mere adornment; each stone and bead is selected with its natural properties in mind and then grouped in metaphysical number groups and harmonic colour schemes - all with a purposeful eye for meaning as well as beauty. I believe jewelry is highly personal; worn close to the skin, it literally touches us. I consider myself an energy worker as well as a jeweler and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. May you feel the spirit that goes into my creations.


Walk in beauty